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IBM PartnerWorld 2015 Theme – From Vision to Value

12 Feb 2015

Kicking off IBM PartnerWorld 2015 in Las Vegas, IBM announced that their new vision for the organisation will address seven business segments:

These are:

  • Systems
  • Analytics
  • Watson
  • Healthcare
  • Services
  • Cloud (which includes mobility)
  • Commerce

A new ‘go to market’ model

IBM has moved away from Geographic and Industry segmentations to re-organise by growth sector.

 The Company believes that the real value from IT will be through integrating traditional Systems of Record with Systems of Engagement (i.e. connected devices) with Systems of Insight – analytics.

“One Channel” is the term IBM is using for their partner organisation network, bringing together ISVs, Solutions Providers, MSPs, Sis and CSPs.

They have lost a significant number of partners via the Lenovo exodus (11,000 worldwide) and are now looking for new service providers and ISVs globally - gaining 9000 since PartnerWorld 2014.

Analytics is seen as a huge opportunity

IBM research suggests there will be one trillion connected devices in 2015 and in the last two years connected users have created more data than all the previous years put together – the rate of data growth is exponential.

An interesting statement from IBM PartnerWorld is that on average, mobile users check their phone 150 times a day – that 9 times an hour! Therefore mobile device providers and app developers have 150 opportunities to interact and to gain insight with users each day.

Hybrid Cloud is today’s project

Hybrid Cloud is key in today’s modern world as it enables customers to see a return on existing investments. The three key concerns around Cloud include data placement, security and speed. A Hybrid Cloud Strategy enables customers to address all three of these issues.

IBM’s investment in SoftLayer has seen them grow to 40 Data Centres in 15 countries and IBM believes this will be the year of the Hybrid Cloud.

Future IT Spend

"CMOs will spend more money on IT than CIOs in 2017"

This raises a significant question, one which M7 continues to stress to our customers; “What does this mean for business recovery?” If the responsibility for technology spend is no longer with the IT team, then the responsibility for Business Recovery can’t be their responsibility either.

There is a new world of “devops” emerging with apps coming to market in days and weeks, as opposed to months and years. Speed has become a key differentiator. However, a few major security scares or a disaster that cannot be recovered from may slow this rapid pace of development.

Security the key concern

Security is now the biggest customer concern - managing access to data, who can access what, from where and when.

The environment has become more complex than ever before and customers don't have the necessary wide-ranging expertise to do it themselves, they need help. Ecosystems will become essential as no business will have all the skills required to meet the needs of customers.

Businesses are looking for agility and speed with Cloud as the enabler. IBM believes Blue mix is an important part of this. Blue mix is an IBM development platform in SoftLayer for ISVs that enables them to deploy rapidly across different infrastructures and devices.

Keep an eye out for more updates from IBM PartnerWorld 2015 in Las Vegas…


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