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Business Partnerships

Business has fundamentally changed over the past five years and will continue to do so as we progress into the next five years. Organisations have been:

  • Reducing costs.
  • Restructuring workforces.
  • Focussing on core business.
  • Seeking new, often international, markets for expansion.
  • Increasing ROI targets for new investments.

This new, competitive landscape is very different to what it was five years ago and with increased pressure on capital expenditure, many organisations are reviewing their non-core business functions.

In this climate an IT Managed Service can often provide an organisation with the means to both reduce costs and improve the strategic value, and therefore ROI, of IT in the business.

A Managed Services Solution can provide:

  • Infrastructure hosting in a secure data centre.
  • Infrastructure as a service from multiple data centres.
  • Platform as a service on which you run your applications.
  • Application as a service where the total solution is provided and managed for you.

M7 provides Service Level Agreements (SLAs), a help desk appropriate to the service and regular reporting against the level of service your business is receiving.

Organisations are now recognising the value of embracing technology as a service rather than undertaking slow, expensive developments and deployments internally. Many organisations simply do not have the skills in-house to roll-out and maintain the new technologies available whilst simultaneously delivering a ‘business as usual’ service.

For example, the promise of virtualisation can lead to a consolidation of an IT department’s footprint, resulting in an increased reliance on only a few individuals to keep all the IT systems running.

Historically, organisations have implemented virtual servers but never rolled the technology out across all their applications, often increasing the complexity and the associated management overhead within their IT infrastructure.

M7 can help your organisation:

  • Deploy key applications quicker at a lower cost
  • Exploit more flexible Opex-based finance models
  • Find opportunities from the explosion in Big Data Analytics
  • Achieve cost effective and efficient remote working
  • Recover quickly from IT failures

M7 believes we have reached a tipping point in IT Managed Services. New technologies are coming together to enable applications to be provisioned and hosted in a way that will support changing business needs, from collaborative working in Computer Aided Graphics and providing both infrastructure and analytics as a service, to BYOD and business recovery.

For customers and ISVs looking for a new Cloud Hosting Partner to roll out their next IT solution, you cancontact us with details of your query and we will send you more information.