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Cloud computing is changing the way that all businesses think about their day-to-day IT requirements. Where businesses used to rely upon IT infrastructure as a resource within the business, they are increasingly looking to it as a utility - something that is provided on demand and available wherever and whenever they need it.

M7 Managed Services Limited is one of the UK’s leading managed service providers (MSP) with over 14 years’ experience in deploying and maintaining hosted infrastructures at both client site facilities and in selected data centres.

We have a proven ability to deliver secure, highly available, cloud hosting services.

These services are deployed on an IBM and CISCO Platform across 2 UK data centres, providing a UK based private cloud.

M7 also deploys Web Services applications in the IBM SoftLayer Cloud, enabling customers and ISVs to take advantage of a Managed Hybrid Cloud Service which combines benefits of the global reach and elasticity of the IBM Cloud with M7’s UK based locations offering data security, customized SLAs and 24 x 7 help desk.

We recognize that many businesses do not want to continue to ask their staff to chase the complexities of deploying new technologies but simply want a platform on which they can roll out and support their chosen applications.

In partnership with our ISV partners, M7 hosts and supports a wide range of Business Applications both at the customer site and within our Cloud Environment, offering incremental solutions such as off-site back-up and disaster recovery.

Working within a wide technology ecosystem, we also provide Appliance based solutions for ISVs under the IBM ISI programme, delivering to their customers in the UK, Europe, Middle East and the United States. We continue to welcome new ISV partners to this programme and actively work with them to select the best appliance based solution for their applications.

In addition to ISO 9001 and ISO14001, M7 was the first Welsh IT Company to achieve the AccredIT UK certification, an IT quality accreditation now part of the CompTIA IT Users Global Quality Programme.

The company also holds a number of IBM, VMware and Cisco accreditations and was recently nominated as a Beacon Award Finalist by IBM in their Annual Industry Awards.