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M7 AI Centre of Competence

Wednesday 6th December 2017

In December we held a very successful conference here at M7MS. Read below what was discussed.

Centre of Competence

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is demanding a significant focus for businesses. Across all sectors,
business leaders have recognised that these technologies will help them differentiate from their competitors by delivering real insight and unique customer experiences.

M7 Centre of Competence for Artificial Intelligence will support the designing & developing of business solutions based on:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning.

What being a Centre of Competence means: 

  • A Centre of Competence to support the designing and developing of business solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  • Secure, hosted environment enabling the use of live, private data sets to ensure realistic test results.
  • Provision of Artificial Intelligence mentoring resources during the early stages of solution development.
  • Through the M7 AI ecosystem, access to data scientists, application developers and business consultants to support the design, development, test and implementation of an AI based strategy.
  • Provision of Artificial Intelligence optimised infrastructure solutions for production workloads.
  • Integrating Weather and other information feeds with your data to provide a unique, real time, decision support system.
  • A Proof of Concept facility for Cognitive and AI applications and technologies. The Centre will provide the latest compute and storage technologies plus staff workplaces for the duration. A more secure environment than cloud testing, more agile and delivering valuable results.
  • A Centre designed to support business transformation and differentiation through the use of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Education resources offering scheduled and bespoke courses for class sizes from 6 up to 30. Subjects range from POWER AI framework through to Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms and their development.
  • Hosted and Managed Artificial Intelligence solutions based in secure, Tier 3 M7 data centres.
  • Constructing an Analytics to Cognitive road map helping customers move from “what happened?” to “this is happening” and “what will happen?”.
  • A new approach to working with customers, partners and vendors to develop long term, mutually beneficial outcomes.

Click here to find out more about our February Workshop. 



A selection of event speakers

Omer Rana – Cardiff University

Omer Rana – Cardiff University

Neil Cornish - M7MS

Neil Cornish - M7MS

Andy Fletham – Filament

Andy Fletham – Filament

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