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Managed Services and the Cloud

For many IT commentators Managed Services have become synonymous with ‘The Cloud’. However one does not equal the other.

Generically the Cloud:

  • Provides a global network of servers and storage in multiple data centres from which applications are provided.
  • Facilitates the public provision of free and paid for apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce.com and LinkedIn.
  • Uses shared resources to hold and distribute data from locations unknown to the users.
  • Has no service levels or customer guarantees around data security or availability.

A Managed Service is typically tailored to the individual needs of a business.

It should provide:

  • Specified resources from which the service will be delivered.
  • Location details where applications and data will be hosted and run securely.
  • Service Level Agreements that reflect the needs of the customer and individual applications.
  • Monitoring, alerting and reporting tools to ensure a highly available service.
  • Technical Resources via a help desk to provide technical support.